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Erosion in Occitanie - Watersports are adapting to climate change

Intermediate Coastal Development

The use of demountable structures on the coast: a response to seasonal climate variability In Occitanie, Cévenol events - a meteorological phenomenon causing heavy rainfall and violent winds - are becoming increasingly frequent and intense in autumn and spring. Every year, beaches are being eroded a little more. This has a direct impact on board sports centres. The beginning of the season is disrupted by the weather, the area available for beach sports is shrinking and solutions are needed to minimise the risk of equipment being damaged over the winter. Géraldine and Christophe have already reacted to these constraints by setting up their kitesurf centre in units which are completely demountable and installed only in summer. However, the loss of coastline is a real concern. How can we reconcile the various uses of the coastline in future, in a space which is shrinking year by year?

Discover our interactive map HERE to learn more about erosion and flooding risks in Europe. https://fr.oceancampus.eu/carte-erosion

Credits Surfrider Foundation Europe

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